Delivery Guidelines




Based on Truck's Weight Capacity & we use Truck's Route not Car Route

$30 for 10CY or MORE 

$45 for 5CY to 9CY 

$60 for 1 to 3 Pallets 


$4.00/mile after 10 miles (we do not go past 15 miles)

Our drivers are professional and the nicest people you'll meet but of course always thinking of safety first! 

*   If preferred, it's the responsibility of customer to put tarp down on driveway, before      we arrive. 
*  NOT RESPONSIBLE for any DAMAGES to driveways/property including: 
      - Dyed Mulch stains, Oil Stains, Cracks, etc. 
*  NO WARRANTY is made concerning the results obtained from the use  of products.




    WITH A Triangle Landscape Supplies REP.


*  Towns have contacted us about "IMPROPER DUMPING". We are not allowed to dump

    on street and con not "BLOCK THE ROADWAY" for safety reasons. Surrounding towns have

    demanded us to dump in driveways only. Thank you for respecting these guidelines. 

Pickup Anytime (1st Come, 1st Serve & as Available)

On-Line Ordering is for Delivery Only

Mulch, Stone, Rock, Soil, Raleigh, Garner, Apex, Cary, Holly Springs, Durham, Clayton, Morrisville

TLS loading product

Mulch, Stone, Rock, Soil, Raleigh, Garner, Apex, Cary, Holly Springs, Durham, Clayton, Morrisville

TLS loading customer

Mulch, Stone, Rock, Soil, Raleigh, Garner, Apex, Cary, Holly Springs, Durham, Clayton, Morrisville

Ex: how customer is to park so TLS can load your vehicle 

Sorry... no pre-orders for pick ups.  

All Products are on a 1st come 1st serve basis.

All soils, mulches & rocks are sold by the (CY) cubic yard but we can sell by the 1/4, 1/2 or 3/4 cubic yard for customers to pick up.  

1 Stone/Rock Pallets can not be broken up.

 Bring your own TRUCK/TRAILER to pick up your landscape products in an OPEN TRUCK or TRAILER as we use BOBCAT's and LOADERS to dump in the back. Please note that TLS CAN NOT BE RESPONSIBLE for any damage to your truck/trailer.

Technically all trucks/trailers should be covered/tarped when driving with material. 

Please know how much weight your truck/trailer can hold, we can not be responsible and approximate weights are on each product page and on the Price Sheet.


Triangle Landscape Supplies puts our products in the back of an OPEN TRUCK/TRAILER with a Bobcat/Loader, not in the back of trunks or top of a vehicle. 

If you purchase STRAW  you will pay for it in the office and then its "get it yourself" to load your truck and it's at your own RISK.  If you need assistance, TLS will assist when we can but you will need to be patient.  

TLS-Dumping Brick Chips

TLS-Dumping Mulch

Pallet Stone

TLS Deliveries w/in 15 miles of our Location

  • All Deliveries will have a delivery fee, please see Delivery Guidelines.


  • Triangle Landscape Supplies trucks deliver on concrete/asphalt/gravel driveways when delivering our products (OUR TRUCK WHEELS DO NOT LEAVE CONCRETE, ASPHALT OR GRAVEL DRIVEWAYS). TLS is not responsible for any DAMAGES to driveways/parking lots/yards/property including: dyed mulch & oil stains, cracks, etc. 

  • Please know that towns have contacted us about “IMPROPER DUMPING” and we are NOT ALLOWED TO DUMP ON STREETS and cannot “BLOCK ANY ROADWAY” for safety reasons. The police have asked us to dump on DRIVEWAYS ONLY. We know this because we have received citations. Thanks for understanding. If we do get some material in the road due to your driveway and/or situation it will be your responsibility to get out of the street. TLS will not be responsible, and we will not provide refunds. 

  • TLS will NOT be able to dump near/under cables, powerlines, or any over-head structure (including Basketball Goals). TLS may not be able to dump on steep inclines. If you ask us to get close, we will NOT be responsible for any damage and you will pay for any damage and the damage to our Truck Tarp.  ALL VECHILES MUST BE OUT of DRIVEWAY for SAFE DUMPING. If cars are not moved before we arrive & are unable to DUMP for any reason CUSTOMER will be charged for DELIEVERY FEE/FUEL CHARGE. (If we COME BACK to DELIVER an additional DELIVERY FEE will be REQUIRED).  

  • All Delivery Fees are based upon EACH TIME our truck at each location can carry safely based on quantity weight.

  • TLS will NOT be able to mix products on same truck, will not split loads, will not delivery to another house, and customer will abide by our guidelines. 

  • All orders are required to provide dumping instructions when making a delivery, it’s important for setting expectations. If customer wants to meet the driver, we will need to contact customer by “CALLING BEFORE”, this means that TLS CAN NOT load our trucks to deliver product unless we speak by phone before we load product. If we CANNOT get ahold of you, please know this can delay your order and may need to be rescheduled if we do not make contact. Triangle Landscape Supplies will HOLD ORDER UNTIL contact is made, and other deliveries will be put in front (depending on time of contact order may have to be pushed to the following day or next open slot).  If dumping instructions are not given at time of delivery, TLS will not be able to deliver/take the order. 

  • MILES:  are based on Google Maps and our Truck Routes (might not be shortest route). 

  • DELIVERY FEE and/or FUEL CHARGE PER DELIVERY will be based on quantity ordered and distance from TLS and determined by TLS. NO COD (Cash on Delivery).

  • PALLETS (Wallstone, Flagstone & Rocks):  TLS can deliver up to 2 or 3 PALLETS per delivery due to weight & which truck/trailer is available.

*  FOR PICKUP: We load your truck/trailer after you have paid and picked out stone available on an open truck or trailer. (Please know trailers with high sides and/or ramps on the back do not work for our machines and your Pickup Truck tailgate must come down. Product is 1st come, 1st serve if available.

*  FOR DELIVERY:  it is required that you visit a TLS location closest to you to confirm your stone order by tagging and paying for your order with OFFICE staff before scheduling.

*  Triangle Landscape Supplies will deliver just like mulch and soil, it will slide off the bed of the truck/trailer, gravity will take over, and we MAY or MAY NOT keep the rock in the pallet/s and may dump like it is loose rock depending on situation and size onto your driveway.

*  The product will “SLIDE OFF” the back of our trailer, gravity will take over, and it should be intact but may not be upright (it may be crooked, side-ways, upside down, etc.).  We DO NOT bring another Bobcat to move pallets. You may need wire cutters to cut the wire off, if pallet is left.

*  If you want another type of delivery hire a Landscaper or come pick up with an open Truck or Trailer. Please know trailers with high sides and/or ramps on the back do not work with our machines to put in the back of your Pickup Truck (also your tailgate must come down properly).

  • BOULDERS: We will bring on a truck/trailer and unload as close as we can to your location with our wheels staying on driveway/asphalt. Again, gravity takes over and where the boulder lands on your property is a successful delivery. Customer will be responsible for moving the boulder to your specific location on your property.  We DO NOT bring a machine to move the boulders around, you will need to hire a Landscaper, rent equipment, etc. 

  • STRAW: (Pine Straw 100 Bales & Wheat Straw 75 Bales) is our minimum for delivery and once we arrive on-site we lift the truck bed and dump on driveways. We DO NOT hand unstack. 

  • All sales are final, no refunds and TLS will not take product back. No warranty is made concerning the results obtained from the use of products.            


                                                                                                         Subject to change for safety reasons​

NOTE: If customer picks up product please review product details to confirm because some products are NOT SOLD AT SPECIFIC LOCATIONS due to space.  

  • Please go to the "Office" first so someone can assist you with answering any questions or placing your order! 

  • Children must be accompanied by their parent/adult and supervised at all times. Heavy equipment and trucks are in use at all times. This is NOT A PLAY GROUND. Parents/Adults are responsible for themself and the children/person with them of their own carelessness and not abiding to our policies. Safety is very important to us.

  • Once you place your order and payment is received TLS will give you a "yellow" ticket and receipt of purchase. 

  • TLS will direct you where to go and how to park so our Loader Operator can assist you safely with our Bobcat/Loader to put the material into the back of your TRUCK/TRAILER. We DO NOT load into SUV's or cars. 

  • We will radio your order to our "Loader Operator"  however you may need to show your "yellow" ticket to the Loader Operator and they will properly load your vehicle.

  • For your safety please stay in your vehicle during loading. 

  • We suggest you bring a tarp to cover your product when driving to your destination.

  • You might want to bring your shovel/rake to move your product around properly once on your truck/trailer, if needed. 

  • If purchasing a "1 Cubic Yard (CY) Bag" of product make sure your truck/trailer can hold the weight properly.  We prepare CY bag orders at time of purchase and CY bags are ONLY MADE for PICKUP at the RALEIGH LOCATION.  NO DELIVERIES.

  • Do not leave our facility until you confirm your order is correct.​ ALL SALES ARE FINAL and due to contamination RETURNS are NOT allowed.

  • Please know how much your truck/trailer can hold in weight as TLS can not be responsible for knowing how much your truck/trailer can hold in weight.  Please see each product detail to confirm approximate weight of each product of mulches, soils, stone and rock.  (link to product page).

  • Triangle Landscape Supplies is not responsible for any damages resulting from the loading of any products into pickup trucks.  All products vary in weight just like all trucks vary in the size and weight they can handle. Customer takes responsibility of how much can be loaded into trucks/trailers.


When any customer leaves our facility or after delivery, please know it is final. If picking up and if any questions please let us know before you leave because we want to confirm and make sure everyone is happy. 

*  Not responsible for any driveways/property at customer request. No  warranty is made concerning the results obtained from the use of  products. The limit of TLS for any losses or damages from the use of products shall be refund of the purchase price only, if approved by owner.