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F.A.Q's - Got a question?... Triangle Landscape Supplies can help!

In what quantity does TLS sell products?   

We sell mulch, soil, sand, gravel, rock by the CUBIC YARD and will use a bobcat or loader to put in the back of a truck or trailer. We do not place our materials in the back of cars, etc... All stone pallets are sold by the pallet, we can not break up a 1 Ton pallet.

How much product is in a cubic yard?

One cubic yard of mulches/soils cover 100 square feet, 3 inches deep. Please use our mulch/soil calculator to determine your needs. To have a visual of a cubic yard it is a Bobcat 1 Yard Bucket (see photo to right).

*All Sales are Final*


(approx weight when product is DRY-see product details 

1 CY of Rock  =  1.4 Ton/2800 LB

1 CY of Sand   =   1.25 Ton/2500 LB

1 CY of Mulch  =   500 - 600 LB

1 CY of Soil   =   2000 to 2600 LB

1 CY of Probase  =  450 - 500 LB

1 Pine Straw BALE = 30 Sq Ft

1 Pine Straw ROUND = 70 Sq Ft

1 Pallet of Thin Stone = 18' long x 1' tall


If placing a decorative STONE OR ROCK order by phone or on-line, customer MUST confirm order IN PERSON at any of our locations before delivery is confirmed. This is to verify, ensure & guarantee you have chosen & picked out your stone/rock for correct product for your landscape needs. We have product samples at each of our locations. 

13.5 (2 Cubic Feet) Bags = 1 Cubic Yard  (2 Cubic Feet Bags from local stores) & more expensive


Spreading Compost

With very little compost
No Compost
1 Month AFTER
with lots of Water! 
COMPOST - Jeff Spreading 2.jpg

1 CY (cubic yard) = 3 ft x 3 ft x 3ft

covers approx. 10' x 10' and 3" deep

Mulch, Stone, Rock, Soil, Raleigh, Garner, Apex, Cary, Holly Springs, Durham, Clayton, Morrisville


Which is the best mulch?

This is a personal preference any mulch will provide coverage for your plants and a beautiful look to your lawn. 

LIABILITY:  Never install your MULCH when it's hot because it's still cooking. 

Always Water Your Plants and Mulch after Mulching with natural mulches.

Mulch can be flammable in extreme hot temperatures and drought. If the mulch is hot to the touch, allow it to cool before placing it around your plants. In very dry weather we recommend that when you water your plants also water your mulch. This will help hold moisture in for your plants well being.  


Make sure you water plants after mulching.

It's best to mulch gardens in very early spring, before most perennials are out of the ground. Perennials will simply grow through it. But spring is busy, and too often we end up mulching around plants. If the plants are already up, you don't want lots of mulch touching the plant stalks when you first put the mulch out. 

What are the benefits of using mulch?

Mulch helps to keep weeds down, keeps the soil moist, and it protects the plants roots from heaving, which is when they come up out of the soil due to the soil alternating freezing and thawing. Mulch also keeps plants cleaner because soil does not splash up on the flowers and foliage, and it improves the aesthetics of your entire landscape.

How thick do I need to spread mulch?

If covering for the first time or pulling old mulch out we recommend spreading mulch 3 inches thick in order to get the most coverage. If you have some existing mulch in the area already, then 1 to 2 inches may be sufficient for top dressing. We suggest that you remove existing mulch if you are changing to something different, unless the older mulch is already decomposed.

How long will my mulch last?

Depends on which mulch. Natural bark mulch will last a good season and decomposes, it adds organic matter to the soil that is very beneficial. So, although mulch will need replenishing, it is enriching the soil as it breaks down. The lasting power of mulch depends on many variables, such as how thick it is spread, exposure to the sun, how much it is irrigated, how much it is walked on, and particle size. Designer mulches can last a good year plus. 

Is your mulch treated?

Our natural mulches are not treated, they are organic and we get them directly from the mill and will decompose.  Our designer mulches have a natural dye safe to the environment. 

Does mulch get termites? 

No. We use ALL BARK WOOD (no cleaning debris) to make our mulches. We use organics dyes, safe for environment.  

Natural Resources


vary in color based on wood available during the season. We can not control the trees, the aging process and when the trees are cut.


If you want



However to get consistency everyone should get ALL types of mulch at one time because

each truck load we receive

will vary.


*  Due to all the RAIN this last year it's challenging to get product.  Thank you for your understanding. *

 ** SOIL is a SCIENCE **

      SOIL GUIDELINES at a High Level

Every plant, grass, seed, lawn and environment are different, and you need to make your own decisions with your own research or consult with a professional landscaper on your specific soil needs.


Before ordering or picking up any soils, composts, etc. make sure you understand what you are getting and whatever is best for your project because our goal is to have a satisfied customer.


We recommend to “TILL” all soils into your existing soil for best results.  If your plant, seed, or lawn need a specific mix, please contact our office as we can make some specialty blends once you are onsite and have paid for your order.  

 due to rain/moisture.
We all love mother nature!  ;) 
So, no complaints!  ;)


All Sales are Final &

TLS is not responsible for end result.


50/50 Soil Blend:  The most popular soil blend combines 50/50 pH Balance (PART organic compost and PART screened topsoil (sandy/clay loam) See Topsoil details on product page. This was created to make an easy to use planting medium which has organic nutrients to make a mixture that will both provide structure to your plants and allow water to flow through. An all-around product that may be used for planting shrubs, building planting berms, raised beds or gardens, as well as, many other landscape applications. 

TOPSOIL:  Our topsoil (sandy/clay loam) is from our surrounding area so it’s a "NORTH CAROLINA NATIVE TOPSOIL". It's screened with a 3/4" to a 1" screen to eliminate most debris/materials (sticks, rocks, etc.) and it WILL NOT ELIMINATE EVERYTHING.  For example: it's very clean but a few sticks, rocks, etc... can get through our screen because the diameter is around 3/4" to 1" so please understand how this works before you order or pick up.  Topsoil may have clumps of soil/clay this is due to damp or wet soil (from rain). This makes a "snowball" but will break apart once it is dry and crushed. 

FLOWER BED MIX 1: (Needs to be Tilled Into Existing Soil "Amendment ONLY"): This soil is for flower beds however NEEDS to be "TILLED" into your existing soil. (Mixture of Certified Compost, Probase and Coarse Sand). This is a specialty blend will need advanced notice to mix as we do not stock pile. All specialty blends need to be paid in advance at time of order & no refunds or returns even if it’s not pick up. 

 5 CY MINIMUM for Delivery.                 1 CY MINIMUM for Pick Up.

We do not stock, we blend on site at time of purchase. Please be patient as we mix. 

FLOWER BED MIX 2:  (Ready to Use, Does Not Need TilledThis soil mix is for most types of flowers, raised beds and ready to use. Does not always need to be tilled into existing soil. (Mixture: 80% 50/50 & 20% Probase)This is a specialty blend & will need advanced notice to mix, we do not stock pile. This is a specialty blend will need advanced notice to mix as we do not stock pile. Needs to be paid in advance at time of order & no refunds or returns even if it’s not pick up.  

5 CY to 9 CY MINIMUM for Delivery.       1 CY MINIMUM for Pick Up. 

We do not stock, we blend on site at time of purchase. Please be patient as we mix.


  1. Aerate (because this will allow holes for the compost to fall into the cores and settle for penetration).

  2. Only use about ¼” compost OR compost and sand blend (don’t use too much as it can smother the lawn).  You can use ½”of compost however that is max and only if your grass is already 2 ½” thick. NEVER USE TOPSOIL.

  3. Water/irrigate your lawn to allow the compost in the aerated holes. 

  4. Keep moist but follow the instructions for your plants/seed/sod.


  1. Are you going to spray old grass out?  Customer’s do not have to but good to get weeds out before tilling. 


“TAT” RULE:   T=TILL;  A=Add/Amend; T=TILL again


2. TILL current soil as deep as you can (minimum 3” to 4”). If roots are around till towards the tree so you don’t cut any big roots. (Rent a “Tiller” from Triangle Equipment Company (919) 781-7910 or a local rental company of your choice.  If you can Till fairly easy you can use compost - if you can’t till well use 50/50. 


3.  Amend/Add the NEW Compost or 50/50 Soil on top of the Tilled existing soil.


4.  TILL the NEW Compost or 50/50 soil into the existing soil to get a good homogeneous mix (mix/blend well). 


5.  Level the SOIL with a Rake and pull out any sticks/rockif using the 50/50 Soil, because remember we use a ¾” to 1” screen for our Topsoil as small things will get through.  

6.  Put down Seed. (Follow your seed/sod directions). 

7.  Use a ROLLER to press down the Seedinto the Compost/Soil to have a good “Seed/Soil Contact”. 

8.  Use Wheat Straw to cover to hold seed in place if necessary. (if there are inclines they will have “washout” of soil with a hard rain).


9.  Make sure you water, keep moist and follow the instructions for your plants/seed/sod.


10.Use 10% Rule. Ex: If you believe you’ll need 5 CY you may need a little more because we’ve never seen anyone spread a ¼” evenly (be careful) and people usually run out.  Most anyone can grow grass (fescue) in the “Fall” season because its cooler. 

Do I need "50/50" or Topsoil?

"50/50 Soil" is the most popular and well rounded soil for growing lawns or plants.  Topsoil is good but no nutrients and is why you will need 50/50 Soil Blend or Compost to mix into your existing soil, depending on your conditions and what you are using it for. 

Do I need "Screened" or "Unscreened" Top Soil? 

Screened Top Soil: We get our topsoil from resources around Wake County and between the two most customers prefer "Screened" Top Soil.  Our Topsoil is screened with a 1" screen to eliminate most debris/materials (sticks, rocks, etc) and it WILL NOT ELIMINATE EVERYTHING.  For example: a long stick, rocks, etc... can get through our screen because the diameter is around 1" so please understand how this works. We use a machine at several off-site locations that has a 1" screen to get most of the debris out but again out Topsoil will have some debris. Our Topsoil may have clumps and most of the time it's a clumps of soil/clay that has been damp (from rain) and makes what we'll call a "snowball" but will break apart once it is crushed. IF YOU DO NOT WANT "ANY DEBRIS" PLEASE SEE OUR FLOWER BED MIX 1 or 2 or GO TO YOUR LOCAL HOME IMPROVEMENT STORE BECAUSE THIS IS REAL NATIVE SOIL.


Unscreened Top Soil:  sandy/clay loam has not been put through our screener and is NOT screened. So, it will have overages, which is various types of debris, rock, sticks and customers mainly use Unscreend as a fill in places deeper than 1 Foot and top dress with Screened Top Soil. 

Will TLS do a custom soil blend?  

Yes, TLS will custom blend soils to your specification however all orders have a minimum quantity and will need to be made. Please call our office. 


Which rock is the best to make a driveway?

If you have a good base established then you can use #57 Stone.  If not, it's better to start with Crush & Run but discuss with a landscaper/contractor for details. 

How much does stone/rock weigh?

1 cubic yard is approximately 1.4 tons or 2,800 lbs.  So, if you pick up stone/rock in your truck make sure your truck or trailer can handle the weight. 

How does TLS deliver stone/rock?

PALLET STONE: If TLS deliveries it will come on pallets and only three (3) pallets (approx. 1 ton each) can be delivered at one time due to weight. We load our trailer after you have been to one of our locations "office" to confirm your stone order. Once TLS driver arrives to customer location we will dump the product on the driveway and it will slide off the back of trailer. Gravity takes over and it may come out perfect, crooked, sideways or could upside down. We don't bring another bobcat to unload. 

LOOSE ROCK: will be delivered just like mulch and soil (see Delivery Guidelines). 

How much coverage can I get with stone/rock?

This varies on the size of the stone/rock. The larger the stone the less coverage the smaller the stone/rock more coverage.  See product details for additional information of approximately how much square foot coverage for each of our stone/rock products.  (LINK TO STONE PRODUCTS). 


Which is the best stone to use to make a border wall around my flower beds? 

Thin wall stone for a border wall.

Which is the best stone to make a walkway or patio?


How do I guarantee I have the right stone/rock?  

If placing a decorative stone order, customer must confirm order in person at any of our locations before delivery is confirmed. This is to verify, ensure and guarantee you have chosen and picked out your stone and you have the correct product for your landscape needs.

NC State Soil Facts




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