SLATE CHIP #78 (approx. size 1/2") Bulk & will vary in color & size

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COLOR: Grey. May vary in COLOR and SIZE due to being a natural resource from the earth.

DESCRIPTION: Approximate size is 1/2" in size. This product size of rock is rock that can get through a 1/2" screen (in any direction) so will have various sizes.Commonly used for mulch, paths, covering drainage pipes, drain fields, septic lines, french drains. Packs nicely, yet allows water and air to penetrate.

COVERAGE: covers approx. 100 sq. ft, 3" deep

WEIGHS: approx. 1.4 Tons = 2,800 lbs. / CY

SOLD BY: 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 or 1 CUBIC YARD

MINIMUM 5 CY FOR TLS TO DELIVER FROM LOCATIONS LISTED ABOVE (no deliveries from GARNER location at this time with this product).

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