THIN Wall Stone (1 TON PALLET)

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Variety of Color Choices
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COLORS & SIZE: Various colors & will vary in COLOR and SIZE due to being a natural resource from the EARTH.

DESCRIPTION: Used for drystack walls and can be applied as veneer. PALLET only and not able to break up a pallet.

COVERAGE: Each pallet will cover approximate 18' long and 1' in height

TLS DELIVERY - WALL STONE/FLAGSTONE PALLETS: TLS can deliver up to 2 or 3 PALLETS per delivery due to weight and which truck/trailer is available. We will schedule your order after you have been to one of our locations closest to your location to confirm your stone order by tagging and paying for your order with OFFICE staff. Once TLS driver arrives to customer location we will "unload/dump" the product on driveways. PLEASE NOTE: the product will “SLIDE OFF” the back of our trailer, gravity will take over, and it should be intact but may not be upright (it may be crooked or side-ways, etc.). PLEASE NOTE: We DO NOT bring another Bobcat to move pallets.

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