Tennessee River Rock 3/4" to 1-1/2" (1-TON PALLET) Will vary in color & size

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COLOR & SIZE: Natural earth tone colors that vary from light brown, beige and light grays. May vary in color due to being a natural resource from the earth.

DESCRIPTION: This is a washed native stone which has smooth rounded surfaces and flat in shape and varies in size between 3/4" to 1 3/4". This product size of rock is rock that can get through a 1 1/2" screen (in any direction) so will have various sizes. Used in many landscape applications, as well as, dry creek beds, ponds, or used as a mulch in landscape areas.

COVERAGE: covers approx. 90 to 95 sq ft, no set depth

TLS DELIVERY - LOOSE ROCK & PALLET ROCKS: will be delivered just like mulch and soil (in BULK), it will slide off the bed of the truck/trailer and gravity will take over for it to slide off onto your driveway. We will not keep the rock in the pallets and we'll dump like it is loose/bulk rock. After you have been to one of our locations to confirm your stone, a TLS Team member will tag it after you've paid for your order. PLEASE NOTE: We DO NOT bring another Bobcat to move pallets.

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