Triple Shredded HARDWOOD BARK Mulch

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Color Varies Based on Age of Bark
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COLOR: PLEASE NOTE: This is a NATURAL RESOURCE, color will vary depending on when the bark is shredded/processed and from what part of the country we receive the bark. Unfortunately, customers CAN NOT order light or dark because it all depends on what is available during the season. IF YOU WANT A CONSISTENT COLOR USE A "DESIGNER MULCH" OR "WALNUT DYED" however you still want to GET AT ONE TIME. Every truck load CAN vary. May vary in color due to being a natural resource from the earth. Shred type will vary due to machine type by facility and wood available. If you want the same please get at same time. Thank you for understanding.

DISCLAIMER: Do NOT spread if mulch is hot/warm because it's still cooking! ;) Please make sure you spread after the pile has had time to cool because this is a natural product. TLS can not be responsible for grass/plants if put on before it cools.

- Light Brown/Red when freshly ground with some lighter wood.

- Dark Brown/Red when the bark has aged with some lighter wood.

DESCRIPTION: Our hardwood barks are all 100% bark (we do not add any yard waste or fillers in our mulches). Our Triple Shredded Hardwood Bark mulch can be obtained either freshly ground or aged. Fibers lock together allowing the mulch to stay in place. Excellent for slopes and is resistant to wind and erosion. Also works as a good weed retardant. Great for natural areas as a top dressing for a finished look.

COVERAGE: 1 cubic yard covers approx. 100 sq ft (10' x 10' x 3')

WEIGHT: approx. 500-600 lbs. per cubic yard. 1 CY covers approximately 100 sq. ft. which equates to 10' long x 10' wide x 3" deep.

SOLD BY: 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 or 1 CUBIC YARD

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