Walnut DESIGNER Mulch

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DYED COLOR: Dark Brown like Dark Chocolate color is a DYED mulch. To get more consistency you want to GET all your MULCH AT THE SAME TIME (from same load) because every truck load CAN vary. The shred type will vary as used by the type of machine by facility and wood available.

PLEASE NOTE: "DYED Mulches" may bleed on driveways however this should be temporary and will fade. If customer prefers, it's responsibility of customer to put tarp down on driveway, TLS can not be held responsible.

DESCRIPTION: DYED Wood product is ground up pallets that has been DYED WALNUT using non-toxic EPA approved colorants. Ground wood will vary. Has longer lasting color than natural mulch and is ideal for high end landscapes that desire a specific look and texture. Looks like a blanket laid out. Designer Mulch typically holds its color for one year depending upon the amount of direct sunlight and rain. If you want consistency in your product year over year you will want to use one of our DESIGNER MULCHES and not one of our NATURAL RESOURCE products.

COVERAGE: 1 cubic yard covers approx. 100 sq ft (10' x 10' x 3')

WEIGHT: approx. 500-600 lbs. per cubic yard. 1 CY covers approximately 100 sq. ft. which equates to 10' long x 10' wide x 3" deep.

SOLD BY: 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 or 1 CUBIC YARD

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