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How to chose the best Mulch for me? They're all great and it's a personal choice.

Updated: May 8

All mulches do the same thing. They cover the ground to help retain moisture for your plants and allow your yard to be beautiful. There are many types of mulches that Triangle Landscape Supplies offers. Come in to our office and look at what texture and color that you like and what color looks best with your home. You can also use our on-line ordering process for delivery of over 5 CY or more. at

TRIPLE SHRED HARDWOOD BARK MULCH. Our hardwood barks are all 100% bark (we do not add any yard waste or fillers in our mulches). Our Triple Shredded Hardwood Bark mulch can be obtained either freshly ground or aged. Fibers lock together allowing the mulch to stay in place better than other types of mulches. Excellent for slopes and is resistant to wind and erosion. Great for natural areas as a top dressing for a finished look. We grind this mulch ourself and please know it's bark only. Some other companies hardwood mulch may contain clearing debris materials while ours is a 100% bark.

TRIPLE SHRED HARDWOOD PINE BARK MULCH: is made from processing 100% Pine Bark. Is a lightweight soft pine bark. Camellias, roses, azaleas, and rhododendrons prefer pine bark because of its lower ph's (lower acidity) and used by a lot of gardeners as it breaks down easier and tilled into your soil later as a soil conditioner. We grind this mulch ourself and please know it's bark only. Some other companies hardwood mulch may contain clearing debris materials while ours is a 100% bark.

DESIGNER MULCHES: Pure wood product is ground up pallets that has been dyed WALNUT or RED using non-toxic EPA approved colorants. Has longer lasting color than natural mulch and is ideal for high end landscapes that desire a specific look and texture. Looks like a blanket laid out. Designer Mulch can hold its color for potentially one year depending upon the amount of direct sunlight, rain & elements. If you want consistency in your product year over year you will want to use one of our DESIGNER MULCHES and not one of our NATURAL RESOURCE products.

We offer "Walnut Designer" and "Red Designer".

DYED TRIPLE SHRED HARDWOOD MULCH: This is a Hardwood Mix Mulch, that is Dyed an organic dye color. The hardwood mulch is shredded and dyed with a natural walnut/brown color. This mulch holds better on slopes while given the same pretty brown look as the Walnut Designer.

1. "Walnut Dyed, Triple Shred Hardwood Mulch"

2. "Black Dyed, Triple Shred Hardwood Mulch".

CYPRESS CHIPS is 100% Cypress. This is an excellent material for playground areas or to use in a path. Cypress chips last longer than regular hardwood chips. Meets all certifications for daycare facilities and schools but not certified like the "Certified Play Cushion" product.

CEDAR MULCH is 100% Cedar. Double-shredded cedar with lots of hints of the red heartwood and golden in color. Great for animal pens due to its ability to help as a repellent for insects. Cedar mulches retain less moisture than other mulches, so it lasts longer and is good for paths.

PLAY MULCH. This mulch is made up from pallets that are ground up to make this Certified PlayMulch. This product will dry faster than other mulches.

In the interest of public playground safety, IPEMA provides a 3rd Party Certification.

PINE BARK NUGGETS: "Large Pine Bark Nuggets" & "Mini Pine Bark Nuggets". Pine Bark Nuggets range in size are made by screening the nuggets off of Pine Trees into both mini and large sizeS. It is great decorative ground cover and provides a much more rustic look for the maximum contrast look.

For 26 years Triangle Landscape Supplies has operated premium mulch and soil facilities having the largest selection of mulches, soil blends and rocks in the Triangle. We operate 4 locations so we can service the Triangle area from Durham to Wake Forest to Garner to Apex to Raleigh areas with the same quality products. By producing a number of our products it helps us maintain a quality control from our Triple Shred Hardwood Bark Mulch to our soil blends.

Hope to see you soon!

TLS Team

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